Frequently ask questions (FAQs)

Q: Is free ?

A: The service for is free for life.

Q: Is safe to be use ?

A: The service for does not contains any malware, viruses, worms etc. But we do display and use 3rd party advertisement for our revenue generations.

Q: Do we require any registration to be done on website ?

A: No registration is required on our site.

Q: How to download Youtube website ?

A: Copy the YouTube link url and Paste it in the text box area and hit download button, the different download options will be display. Select the link which you requre to download the video.

Q: We have copy the link from Youtube and Paste it text box area and hit on Download but getting the error Error in video URL. Please enter correct Youtube video URL

A: If the URL link is, kindly substitute "m" with "www" and try again.